Shatter is a solvent-based cannabis extract.

With its wonderful health benefits, the use of cannabis has become very popular for both medicinal and recreational use. Cannabis can now be found in all kinds of forms, with each of these forms having their own unique properties. One of the latest and most potent forms of it to come out in recent memory is known as “shatter”. This new form of concentrate has been making waves in the industry, and some people are even willing to pay top dollar for the best-quality shatter they can get their hands on. Here are 10 facts about shatter you must know.

1. Shatter is highly concentrated

The concentration of shatter is exceptionally high, giving it incredible potency when used. It is known as one of the most concentrated forms of weed available on the market today, boasting an incredible 70 to 80% concentration of THC. To achieve this level of concentration, the purification even removes the terpenes found in the weed, which provides most of its aroma and taste. If you want to enjoy THC’s effects and nothing else, shatter is the concentrate made exactly for you. Even just a little bit of shatter is enough to elicit effects.

2. Shatter is made using hash oil

Hash Oil is the parent product of a lot of cannabis concentrates found on the market. Among the weed products made using hash oil include crumble and wax. While the concentrations between these products may vary depending on the quality of the methods used, the main difference between these BHO-based products is mainly on the cosmetic side. Shatter got its name because of its glass-like consistency. In fact, if you drop it on the floor, you can even see it literally shatter. But each shard comes packed with THC.

3. The process of producing shatter is pretty straightforward

To produce shatter and other related products, THC and other compounds are first extracted using butane. Acting as a solvent, butane is added into cannabis, resulting in the release of THC and other components and creating a concentrated fluid known as butane hash oil. To remove the butane, the oil is heated, leaving only THC and other cannabis products in a waxy resin. This resin can then be purified using different methods, resulting in the creation of shatter and other THC concentrates. An alternative method is using the closed-loop technique which is similar to using butane, however, unlike butane extraction, the solvent is sealed off from any air. This process has been used for decades to extract essential oils for things like perfume and food additives. It has only been in recent years that it has become popular in the cannabis industry.

4. The process of producing shatter is dangerous

The process may seem straightforward to do, but it is actually dangerous. Producing shatter can be troublesome at the wrong hands, and can even cause injury in worst-case scenarios. Beyond the dangers of preparing your own shatter, there is also the issue of quality. Without the requisite skills and equipment, you will not be able to produce the best possible weed concentrate. This is not just frustrating, but it’s also a waste of good-quality weed. So it’s more recommended to just buy shatter from reputable sources.

5. There are 2 ways to use shatter: using vapes or dab pens

Because of the unique form of shatter, it cannot be consumed using traditional methods such as eating or smoking. Rather, they can be consumed either by using vapes or by using “dabs”. Dabbing is considered as the most popular way of using this concentrate. This involves the use of a dab rig, an improvised tool that vaporizes the shatter to allow for smoking. The heat source can either be in the form of a small torch or an electric nail. At the right temperature, the shatter vaporizes, bringing out all the THC packed inside. This produces an intense weed effect you can’t get anywhere else.  

6. Shatter is not only powerful, but it also produces a pure high

You only need small amounts of shatter to get the desired high you want, thanks to its very high concentration. But beyond the superior concentration, this product is also highly enjoyed by users because of its purity. In the process of making this concentrate, much of the plant material found in weed is removed, resulting in a purer flavor, aroma, and little to no side effects or after-effects. If you want nothing more than the pure effects of THC, you can get that with shatter.

7. Shatter is safe to use

Marijuana, in general, is safe to use compared to other substances used for recreational purposes. There is no lethal dose associated with the use of any form of weed product, so you don’t have to worry about dying or getting seriously hurt due to overdose. Of course, it’s a different story when you are talking about activities while you are intoxicated. As such, as we would always recommend when you are using cannabis: avoid doing activities like driving when you are intoxicated. Also, don’t consume more than you can handle.

8. Shatter is becoming more affordable and accessible

Obtaining shatter either legally or via the black market (on territories where the use of weed and its byproducts are considered illegal) can be potentially costly. The price is driven up by 2 main factors. It is not easy to produce good-quality shatter, and the demand for it is steadily rising as more people get to know about its unique and intense properties. The price for this concentrate, especially the ones with the best quality, is steadily rising and could continue to increase in the near future. Thanks to the power on the internet, getting your hands on a good shatter has been more accessible and affordable.

9. The rise of shatter is expected to continue

Anyone using cannabis wants to enjoy a pure high, and they can better get that using shatter. While there are other weed concentrates out there on the market, the combination of concentration, purity, and flavor of shatter is considered superior among other concentrates. Whether it is used for medicinal or recreational purposes, this product is as potent as they come. For that fact alone, you can expect shatter to stay popular. And with more people getting word of it, the demand is only expected to rise further.

10. Shatter is awesome…if used responsibly

In spite of all the concerns and risks associated with this product, the rise of shatter is still a boon to the cannabis-using community. Shatter is awesome; its purity and potency are off the charts and can be absolutely useful for those who need it. Still, the bottom line is that it has to be used in a responsible manner. Make sure to use these products discreetly to avoid any problems with the law. Also, be disciplined enough in using it; you don’t want to be a danger to yourself and others. Use shatter responsibly.

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