When you think of cannabis consumption most will think of smoking weed. Although smoking the classic flower has been (and likely still is) the most common method of consumption, eating it, is coming-in-hot as an alternate choice for medical and recreational needs. Simply eating uncooked marijuana will not get you high (although there are health benefits – (read this blog on THCA) which is why it needs to be infused and de-carbed to be effective #whowantsapotbrownie.

Im sure we can all agree that cannabis-laced food in the form of candies and cookies are a delicious treats to indulge in from time to time. Am I right? But what if edibles are your chosen method of daily consumption, is crushing sugar-packed baked goods on the daily really a good idea? Or perhaps you are simply no martha stewart and burn your toast on a good day. Thankfully tinctures are growing in popularity for their ease of use, reliability and precise measurement. Tinctures are an easy way to medicate discreetly that require nothing more than a few drops under the toungue, and you’re on your way!

So, what exactly is a cannabis tincture?

Tinctures are liquid extracts made from cannabis that you consume orally. They are often extracted in alcohol, but can also be extracted from other solvents and methods as well. At King Tuts, we use cannabis distillate in our tinctures. Distillate is cannabis oil that was refined by short path distillation, making it almost pure cannabinoids. 

Tinctures are convenient, come in easy to use measurable dropper bottles, and are best taken sublingually (under the tongue). This method of consumption allows the tincture to enter the bloodstream much more quickly and directly, resulting in faster absorption and affects. It should be noted#KTlovesnotes that tinctures can also be swallowed, though the effects of such administration will undoubtedly take significantly longer to kick in than when used sublingually, and a suited for both novices and experienced users.


THC Distillate

THC distillate known as The Clear or The Pure, is 99% Pure THC. This cannabis extract is the result of an extraction process called short path distillation” that separates and refines molecules and contaminants to create a clean, almost clear concentrate, producing a highly regarded, “top-shelf”, concentrate.

Unlike products like BHO and PHO that typically leave residues, impurities and microscopic amounts of unwanted materials in their end product, cannabis distillates are created using a short path distillation technique that differs from typical solvent extraction.

Short-Path distillation uses pressure, steam and heat to control the boiling points, creating a much cooler temperature for the compounds to pass through. During this process, the volatile THC compounds are separated by their molecular weight and individual boiling point, leaving behind less volatile and undesirable compounds.

This process is repeated over and over again to create pure cannabinoids without plant matter or residual solvents.

What is THC?

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol and is the primary reason you get high, the main culprit for marijuana’s former illegal status and from our perspective the King chemical of the cannabis plant!

THC is the psychoactive component in the cannabis plant that activates pathways known as cannabinoid receptors found through the body. The first type of cannabinoid receptor (CB1) are largely found in the brain, whereas the cannabinoid receptors (CB2) are found on all kinds of cells throughout the body. When THC attaches to a CB1 receptor, it will alter how a brain cell functions, creating the euphoric high you feel. Due to its psychoactive effects THC has been less accepted for medicinal use than it’s counterpart CBD, however, it still boasts its own beneficial uses.THC provides relief to a wide variety of ailments and symptoms, such as chronic pain, increasing appetite & reducing nausea.

CBD Isolate

Simply put, CBD isolate is cannabidiol in its purest form. CBD Isolate is a crystallized material similar to salt that is ideal for dose-specific ingestion and systemic absorption.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is the other most prominent cannabinoid and becoming more and more popular every year as it does not cause psychoactive effects and is arguably superior to THC in its ability to treat a variety of medical conditions. Unlike the CB1 receptors that are found mainly in the brain and play a significant role in memory, sleep, mood, appetite, pain-sensation; CB2 receptors are typically found in the immune system and are responsible for the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis. While THC directly affects both CB1 and CB2, CBD acts indirectly and raises the level of endocannabinoids in your body providing relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, spasms, and other conditions without the unsettling feelings you may experience with THC.

MCT oil

MCT oil is short for Medium Chain Triglyceride oil. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a specific fat molecule found in oils, such as coconut and palm oil. (KING TUTS uses fractionated MCT oil derived from coconuts #earthlove). MCTs work differently on the metabolism than other oils such as olive and avocado oil. Compared to larger fat molecules found in these other oils, MCTs can be broken down and metabolized by the body quickly and more efficiently due to their smaller size by going directly to the liver where they are easier to digest and absorb. Both CBD and THC are fat-soluble, therefore, fractionated coconut oil (MCT) is a very effective carrier for these compounds because it contains 90% saturated fat. Also, the small molecular size results in a low viscosity substance, making the oil thin and therefore ideal for dosing. Since the fractionated oil has no flavor or smell, it is favored by many be the best carrier oil for sublingual use.

MCT oil has proven very effective for people who struggle with low energy, poor digestive health, obesity, hormonal fluctuations, slow metabolism, dementia, diabetes and inflammatory conditions, as well as those who are at high risk for cardiovascular disease.


Research on the combined use of THC and CBD is still in its early stages. However, anecdotal evidence shows that many feel better effects and experience fewer adverse effects with hybrids containing a both of THC and CBD than using either cannabinoid alone. Research also suggests that CBD enhances THC’s analgesic properties, and when working simultaneously THC and CBD stimulate neurogenesis, the growth, and development of new cells.
Different proportional combinations of CBD to THC will produce different effects from person to person and will also treat differently a wide variety of ailments.

One strategy that many have adopted to treat specific needs is to consume consistent and measured doses of CBD with the addition of a comfortable amount of THC. With this method, some ailments have responded well to smaller doses of a CBD with even smaller doses of THC, while some have better results from a balanced ratio around 1:1.

What is largely important to realize is that there is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to cannabis. There is no one ratio that is right for everyone. The individual’s unique sensitivity to THC is the main factor in determining the appropriate proportions and dosage for maximum benefits.


CBD to THC (1:1)

Out of all the cannabinoid ratios, 1:1 is considered the most effective for pain relief, anxiety, spasticity, fibromyalgia, insomnia, nausea, and appetite stimulation. This balanced ratio shows promise in relieving symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis and may be able to kill certain cancer cells and inhibit tumor growth.

CBD to THC (4:1)

This ratio is ideal for those who wish to reduce the euphoric effects of THC. CBD:THC 4:1 is suitable to combat autoimmune disorders, gastrointestinal issues like Crohns and colitis, arthritis, and psoriasis and can be used to reduce stress and pain while promoting relaxation! It is effective for all forms of general inflammatory and neuropathic pain and is an ideal ratio for combating autoimmune disorders.

CBD to THC (20:1)

This CBD dominant ratio offers no psychoactivity and is the perfect supplement for anyone looking for a health boost and a daily pick-me-up. The 20:1 CBD:THC tincture may be most effective for curbing high anxiety, depression, seizures, psychosis, PTSD, and neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s Disease.


Handcrafted using the highest-quality ingredients available, King Tuts has produced a top-shelf CBD/THC tinctures. These CBD/THC tinctures are the best in value that you will find anywhere online, using pure THC distillate and CBD isolate with organic cold-pressed MCT oil.


KING TUTS 1200mg CBD + 1200mg THC Tincture offers 40mg of CBD/ml plus 40mg of THC/ml.


KING TUTS 300mg CBD + 300mg THC Tincture offers 10mg of CBD/ml plus 10mg of THC/ml.


KING TUTS 1200mg CBD + 300mg THC Tincture offers 40mg of CBD/ml plus 10mg of THC/ml.


KING TUTS 600mg CBD + 150mg THC Tincture offers 20mg of CBD/ml plus 5mg of THC/ml.


KING TUTS 1200mg CBD + 60mg THC Tincture offering 40mg of CBD/ml plus 2mg of THC/ml


KING TUTS 600mg CBD + 60mg THC Tincture offers 20mg of CBD/ml plus 1mg of THC/ml

As with any treatment program, start small and work your way up incrementally. 
TELL US, have you tried CBD:THC tinctures? DO YOU PREFER 1:1 OR 4:1 OR 20:1? Comment below or tag us with #kingtutstinctures @kingtutsca on social media



    • Yungblade
      Yungblade says:

      I personally use CBD for pain in my right knee, something happened to it while skateboarding and not one doctor can figure out what it is, I’m not big on pills or anything like that so I tried CBD and it helps more than anything I’ve tried. I’d give it a shot if I were you!

  1. Onicchr
    Onicchr says:

    CBD in MCT oil has been a game changer for my cat. She is diabetic and has arthritis and was having trouble getting around. After a couple days of giving her CBD oil she seems 5 years younger! She is able to walk up and down stairs and seems much happier over all. Definitely recommend CBD oil for pets. Also helps calm my dog down when she needs to go in the car!

  2. Kushsolo69
    Kushsolo69 says:

    Wow iteresting read, didn’t know that much about tinctures and the information out there about them is scarce, so this article is lovely knowledge. I will most likely be trying some of your new tinctures in the near future, excited to see how good they are!

  3. theSilvah
    theSilvah says:

    The CBD in MCT product was very well received. Now there will be another option with some, or a lot of, thc added as well for the reload. Love to have options and you guys do not have a lack of those!

  4. Brendan
    Brendan says:

    Very well written info article. I’ve ordered the tincture for family and friends. Cbd has impacted many people around me for the better, and it’s come a long way from them having to smoke.

  5. adamofpk
    adamofpk says:

    I have a bad back and cbd oil doesnt help my pain so much, it just makes me feel happy and good or satisfied. It really increases the effects f thc as well. I just wish it was a bit more affordable.

  6. Tab7879
    Tab7879 says:

    This is great information. My gf suffers from diabetic neuropathy and charcot foot and is prescribed 100 mg of morphine a day, and would get more but that’s our provinces daily limit. So he also adds gabapentin and other pain pills to supplement as well. Ut now that there are options like this available, she dont need all these scripts anymore. There help her sleep, have less pain, be able to do more and feel less pain. The world is changing and more people are stepping up and trying this and it works. As free canadians with freedom of choice, we should be able to choose a virtually harmless plant to help themselves heal.

    But as adamofpk says, I just wish it was a little more affordable because a person needing a higher dose would pay a fortune.

  7. glueberry
    glueberry says:

    I have been looking in to using 1:1 for pain recently, so this was an informative read. I agree with some of the other commenters about the cost for daily use, and hope the cost of this medicine will come down in the near future.

  8. says:

    I’ve recently been using my already vaped bud (AVB) and infusing with a high-proof alcohol to create a tinture. Only downfall is that you have to wait a few weeks to ensure the alcohol extracts all the THC.

    Also, my father who recently had a stroke has started using CBD isolate and having positive effects.

  9. TheGreenGiant
    TheGreenGiant says:

    I have always a bottle of CBD in MCT in the fridge now. Hard time to sleep? Take a dropper. Anxious day? Half one, Repeat. 🙂
    I got some of 4:1 Tincture blend from LPs and that was harsh. Having a tasteless tincture (made from isolate and distillate) like you offer is great, for these are so easy to dose as needed.

  10. nintendomaniac080
    nintendomaniac080 says:

    i used to never buy CBD as i was the type of person who would say “There’s no point in buying this if i don’t get high”
    Now that i use CBD almost everyday, i find i have a better attitude towards the day and i don’t feel as anxious doing day to day tasks. I love taking cbd using a distilate pen as it is fast and discreet!

  11. robw90
    robw90 says:

    I give a 100% CBD tincture to my dog and take 100% CBD isolate for myself. I was under the impression that THC didn’t have any medical benefits, so I’ve been using straight CBD to treat some anxiety and inflammation. I may need to try CBD:THC tinctures for myself.

  12. St3wb4cc4
    St3wb4cc4 says:

    I was prescribed cbd infused rub or somethimg along those lines last year for my back problems, I didn’t give it much of a chance honestly but after reading this i’m going to have to circle back around and give cbd another chance. thanks for the great read

  13. patrick.rogers17
    patrick.rogers17 says:

    I have been using CBD tinctures for a while now, but have been reading increasingly that there are a lot of unspoken benefits to THC. However, People seem to want to remove the thc from CBD products, I think because it produces too much personal enjoyment to be considered therapeutic, but I say, fuck that. Check out some studies on the benefits for yourself, CBD works even better in conjunction with THC, I’ll be ordering the 1:1 tinctures from now on.

  14. ggmarq
    ggmarq says:

    Tinctures should be the face of medical marijuana. We often hear about the consequences of smoking, well when you ingest it there is none of that.

    Right now, a lot of people and doctors are overlooking cannabis as a treatment. That is mostly due to prohibition and Big Pharma keeping its hand in the doctors’ pockets. Which is a shame, because the alternative, traditional meds, have so many side effects that trying to list them all is futile.

    So let the people be free. And educate.

  15. Beardy
    Beardy says:

    Tinctures are one of the best ways to consume cannabis. They provide a quick and easy way to reap the benefits of both THC and CBD. I personally find it helps me with all my ailments, and I recommend it to everyone I know!

  16. hauspley
    hauspley says:

    I was happy to hear that King Tuts does not use any kind of cutting agents in their vape products. With all the news of these lung issues popping up its always good to know that your supplier is only providing the best!. I love king tuts vape pen tanks and buy them regularly. They are the bomb! .

  17. Reb
    Reb says:

    I have tried a 1:1 before which had very noticeable and therapeutic benefits compared to isolated cbd. I’d support your idea full spectrum is more effective orally than just cbd. Tinctures are no bs.

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