You’ve seen them–those fancy little devices that cannabis smokers have tucked into their favorite jacket pocket. But what exactly are they and how do you know if it’s right for you? Vape pens or “vaping” of cannabis has certainly gained in popularity over the last several years. So, if concentrate and extract vapes seem foreign to you– let us educate you on why so many people consider this the best method for getting high.


In a nut-shell, vaping is the heating of cannabis without burning it. Since combustion does not occur, smoke is not created, rather heat releases the active ingredients into a vapor. Is It Safe? In theory, vaping marijuana should be safer than smoking. Largely because its function delivers the THC without combustion, where most of the harmful chemicals stem from. Simply put, if you vape marijuana, your inhale should contain much fewer toxins than if you were to burn it. Let’s take a look at some feel vaping THC extract is the best method for users who value convenience, their health and want the purest high available.


It’s Smoother: Many of those that use cannabis for medical reasons have troublesome respiratory systems, causing their lungs to be highly irritated by smoke. These consumers often find relief in vapor inhalation. Clearer High: Some attest that vape pens produce a more clear-headed high because smoke is not inhaled. This may be why— when you smoke weed, the combusted gases contain as little as 12% cannabinoids, on the other hand, when you use a vape, the gas can contain up to 95% cannabinoids. Terpenes: As fun as it is to kick it ol school and spark a joint, the fact remains you have no control over the temperature you are exposing your bud to. However, with vape pens, there is more control over the temperature— therefore more #terplife And just in case you didn’t know, terpenes are the molecules responsible for the role in the plant’s taste and aroma, but they also play a part in the plant’s health benefits as well as the type of high we get. Want to learn more about the most common cannabis terpenes?  Terpenes for better health – blog Convenience: Vaporizers tend to be small and inconspicuous and require less preparation and offer more portability than smoking joints or bowls do. Since Vaporizers do not use combustion to ignite the cannabis, they produce little to no marijuana scent and no smoke, but rather a vapor that dissipates quickly. Vapes slide easily into pockets, purses or mom wallets and there’s no fumbling around looking for your lighter, your nugs, and your glass when you’re wanting to indulge. Although IMO, there will always be a time and a place for a joint, the convenience of a vape means that you can take it and smoke it anywhere you need. Safety: no lighter, no torch, no matches = no fire #needisaymore The Casual smoker: No one prefers a dried-out bud over the fresh stuff for good reason; you’re losing both the taste and the potency the older it gets. With vapes, your first hit is the same strength and flavor as your last one.


Although there are many pros to purchasing and consuming vape cartridges, there can be downsides to them. Typically the reported disadvantages have to do with the electronics itself. If your vape pen isn’t working, you can’t just ask a passerby if they have a spare battery in their pocket, as you would with a lighter. The good news is that vape pens are pretty consistent and will generally last about three days on a full charge. Just like everything else in the world of weed, the many vape products can also be confusing to navigate. There are three main types of vapes that are categorized by what kind of cannabis material goes in them: flower, wax, or concentrates. Today we will ignore the first two forms, which offer none of the convenience we spoke of above, and focus on vapes that use concentrate cartridges vape pens.


A vape pen is a small, portable, pen-shaped device that consists of the following three parts: 1. A mouthpiece to inhale the vapor 2. An atomizer where the wax is vaporized 3. A battery to power the device Aside from being convenient and portable, vape pens also very easy to use. They typically have only a single power button to control everything. Some vape pens offer a selection of three or four preset temperatures but many just have one. The mouthpiece and battery are self-explanatory, but the atomizer is where the concentrate gets vaporized. The atomizer can consist of either a ceramic coil or a quartz coil. Here are the differences between the two atomizer types.


A quartz coil usually consists of a small quartz rod with a thin metal coil, usually titanium, wrapped around it. Most use two quartz coils but some use even more and the more coils there are, the higher the maximum temperature. – They heat up very quickly but the heat also dissipates quickly – They are a neutral material so they don’t affect the flavor of the wax – They are better for intermediate to advanced users because of the intense vapor they produce Quartz coils are better for intermediate to advanced vapers because they’re the ones best able to handle intense vapor. Beginning vapers might not find the experience of quartz coils to their liking because of the heat of the vapor and how fast it hits them.


Ceramic coils are great for beginner vapers who are still learning how to use their vape pen and are not yet ready to handle more intense vaping experiences. Their easy loading and smooth vaping are a big part of their user-friendly nature. – Technically not a coil but a shallow ceramic dish, they are easier to load than quartz coils – They heat up slowly but retain heat well – Better for beginners because they produce cooler, smoother vapor A vape pen is a solid purchase for any cannabis consumer, whether as your daily smoking device or as your on-the-go back-up. Having the option to enjoy your THC discreetly, portably and easily is well worth the small initial investment of a cartridge and pen. Are you still wondering why use a vape? Check out some of our wonderful vape products! Have you used our cannabis vape cartridges? What was your experience like? Share your review at


104 thoughts on “IS THAT A VAPE IN YOUR POCKET?

  1. Brendan
    Brendan says:

    Been trying out many devices with many products , I’m finding ceramics enjoyable when the juice is thin, like the 74% juices available on the site work very well off n a ceramic cartridge style vape.

  2. JackkWest
    JackkWest says:

    This is a good article. I agree it is quite disappointing when your battery dies, but I have learned to keep it charged up most of the time. I like the cheap Yocans for wax vaping. Cheap to Replace and they are quite durable, unlike some of the oil cartridges.

  3. says:

    I have an assortment of different vape pens and devices. For flower, use a utillian 420. Been using a ccell palm for carts and enjoying how discrete it is.
    For concentrates, I have a variety of Yocan pens, but my fav is the Evolve 2.0 as it has three temp settings, which is useful for different contrantrate types. Love the taste of KT live resin on a low temp using the Evolve 2.0 (you get the full taste of terps IMO).

  4. afta
    afta says:

    Vaping is my new thing.. a dispo pen can now last me way longer for my money then regular weed. I love how discreet it is. I love how it doesnt reek and have good scent.!!

  5. Firefly
    Firefly says:

    I have not really ventured into this area yet, with the exception of a pre-loaded disposable pen that a friend gave me last year, which didn’t seem to do anything. I generally smoke joints and remain a bit skeptical about the high, especially after my previous experience, but I have been paying attention to feedback and reviews as discretion travelling with the family this summer will be required. I’d like to find the right refillable system as it does seem like a clean way to get high and more controllable than edibles

  6. bringmehorizon5
    bringmehorizon5 says:

    I just started vaping cannabis just a short while ago. It’s amazing how much better my lungs feel afterwards compared to hitting a pipe before. I just hope the price drops on the market for them. Very well written post!

  7. acsniix
    acsniix says:

    I’ve tried a few different forms of pods and cartridges now with both distillate and honey oil, my favourite thing about them is the portability and ease of use. you don’t need to roll or grind anything, just whip it out and take a hit!

  8. theSilvah
    theSilvah says:

    I mostly use a stovetop Clapton coil in an rda to drip concentrates directly onto. Allows me to vape with a rebuildable device and reduce waste. A coil lasts for months and because there is no cotton or other wicking materials, you can easily dry burn to maintain cleanliness.

    Vaping is a great tool and alternative to smoking. Props to KT for bolstering the vape collection.

    One of these days I will have to try your nicotine e-juice as well!

  9. AbjectLlama
    AbjectLlama says:

    I have started vaping (herb and oil) and i can say that my lungs feel not as heavy and I don’t cough as much. I would assume it’s because no combustion so thanks KT for helping me find new and healthier products!

  10. vancouver
    vancouver says:

    I vape Concentrates 80% of the time, and smoke flower the rest. I’ve had no luck vaping flower, maybe I haven’t found the right vaporizer. Keeping coils clean and new is important for flavour. For myself, the ideal coil is a stainless clapton wrapped around a quartz wick, thrown out within 7 days. This is dabs of shatter I’m talking about. Also King Tut, please sell Wax Liquidizer, or some kind of terpene thinning solution for concentrates.

  11. JrBizzy
    JrBizzy says:

    I got a tabletop vape which occasionally gets used and will get a pen soon
    I agree its a much clearer/cleaner high and tastes good depending on the strains but i prefer smoking flower rather than vaping it, AND Vaping or dabbing (shatter, wax, rosin etc.) rather than Smoking it.

  12. Kronik42095
    Kronik42095 says:

    I like vaping concentrates especially when I’m low on flower, being on a budget most of the time it helps stretch out my highs to keep me nice n relaxed 🙂 they last me so much longer in comparison to the equivalent amount of thc in flower form

  13. adamofpk
    adamofpk says:

    I bought a portable dab rig but it is not very efficient, I like how with the mod vapes you do not really waste any. My brother gave me a 80w mod and I am going to try one of the tanks next time

  14. bamdaman101
    bamdaman101 says:

    I have a nice concentrate rig for when at home but use an oil pen when im om the go. I have purchased some disposable pens before but haven’t really found any that iv liked. Been thinking of trying the sc420, i enjoy the pens for on the go so that might work well for me.

  15. glueberry
    glueberry says:

    I use my vape pen when I’m going out, but I really don’t like it as much as smoking. I found the distillate high wasn’t as enjoyable as having the full spectrum of terps and cannabinoids. Will keep using it until I find a better portable solution

  16. Tab7879
    Tab7879 says:

    I currently have a shatterizer for a wax pen and they do work pretty good. I havent found many disadvantages to using one, and it’s perfect for on the go, all you need is your pen and a little envelope or small stash container for the whole day and you can be discreet and not smell like a bunch of joints that you are carrying in place of it. I do really like my joints and dabs, but the pen is really nice for quick, easy, flavorful tokes when you cant carry a rig around too.

  17. TickleTrunks
    TickleTrunks says:

    I’m a dry herb vaporizer collector (have owned over 40 different ones since 2010) and I have not combusted since 2010. The flavour, purity, and potency make it the best and healthiest decision for what I need. I have purchased a few 510 tanks and the SC420 through KT and while I love how convenient and discreet they are, nothing beats the full spectrum effects of dry herb in a vape.

  18. Kushsolo69
    Kushsolo69 says:

    I bought a vape for my partner as she doesn’t like the harshness and intensity of other methods such as a joint/pipe/bong. She has used it almost every single day since i bought it for her and loves the nice, clean, mellow highs it gives her and how it doesn’t make her cough.

  19. Merny
    Merny says:

    I’ve got an original pax and often use my coworkers volcano after a long day at the office. Highly recommend vaping if you haven’t tried it- as stated it’s clear and tasty high.

  20. smellslikefrank
    smellslikefrank says:

    Since I’ve turned to vaping, I haven’t gone back to the traditional combustion very much at all.

    The high can have a slight lighter feeling sometimes but it’s great to be able to adjust how you feel through temperature adjustments.

    Much healthier and much cleaner!

  21. Redalert
    Redalert says:

    i seriously want to get back into vaping but its been so expensive living on an island >.< more prefered then pipe rips but cant beat the feeling once you've adapted to taking rips outta the bong.

  22. Chayse247
    Chayse247 says:

    Use my Arizer Solo on the daily for getting a nice creeping high, after a few rounds it really gets you going. Its great for when I’m sick since I hate ruining my lungs farther if I have a cold by smoking.

  23. Serb
    Serb says:

    Vaping is great! I love the endless contraptions that are constantly being produced, I love trying as many as possible. I think KT needs to sell something like a Pico and Sai combo so people can enjoy his concentrates on the go even more!

  24. Gnome420
    Gnome420 says:

    I don’t go anywhere without my vape pen. I always was the kind of person that never cared about how I smelled as I would always smell like chronic. but then I started trying to be a little more professional in my life and I found that that was something that would cause me issues. When I found my vape pen and started using distillate, I felt much more confident medicating while I was in public. My only problem at this point is I’m not able to make it on my own. Making distillate is an extremely involved process. I want to live a more nomadic homesteading lifestyle and I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to continue using these high-end products. I’ll still be able to vape but using products like distillate won’t be possible.

  25. Mm420
    Mm420 says:

    I quit cigarettes about 4 months ago and decided to give dry herb vaporizers a try shortly after. The whole thing felt alien to me at first but i bought the utillian 721 and love it. Unless I’m having a session with friends that thing gets used for all flower i consume. I recommend trying one if you haven’t had the chance. Can’t compare quality as it’s the only one I’ve tried but i have vaped over a QP though mine and its still my favourite way to consume. I use concentrates when on the go in a yocan or a sai/pico combo. It’s a quick convenient way to medicate and can be discreet depending on the extract used. Workplace tip: Certain respirator filters (free at some work sites) can be used to blow the vapor through to eliminate all smell. Stay medicated friends!

  26. patrick.rogers17
    patrick.rogers17 says:

    I have used a Zeus Smite (Similar to Flowermate) for vaping (flower) for years, but after seeing some of the extracts that are available on KT, I am considering a small extract vape for discreet use. Or is there a way for me to use my smite for extracts? I like my flower mate but the chamber size doesn’t provide enough potency with just flower. Any advice appreciated, thanks, KT. ?

  27. TheGreenGiant
    TheGreenGiant says:

    As a spliff-only smoker for years, oil vape pen and saltnic vapepod, definetly changed my way to consume. From 10-15 spliff a day, I’m down to just one night fatty. My wife is happy now that I don’t smell the smokes anymore. Happy medicating!

  28. Reb
    Reb says:

    Ugh its hard to rationalize how I go about smoking joints everywhere when most of my friends have a similar device. The discrete/health aspects are very appealing. I suppose getting another device/habit is a bit intimidating – KTs vapes simple enough. I’m going to look more into the differences.

  29. BigDaddy1967
    BigDaddy1967 says:

    I’ve tried just about every way to consume cannabis. The only one I’m not fussy on is vaping flower. Just don’t get enough from it. I have several types of vapes. The best overall are the box modes where you can adjust the temp and most tanks are 510 thread so you can mix them up. I will say I was pretty impressed with the SC420 systems here. I tried them with several flavours and was surprised at the clouds you get from a full pull. The hardest thing about vape pods are refilling them. Sometimes it’s worth the more money to buy a new pod or tank than to refill. I now use vapes exclusively at work now. So much more discreet. All of the THC and no smell after a couple of seconds.

    RAVENJOY says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of the vape since i made the switch.. I had a big problem with mixing my bud with tobacco and found that switching to concentrates was a good way to give it up. It’s super convenient too when you’re in a situation that requires a little more discretion. I had been using a yocan vape for my concentrates but have switched to the SC420 loaded vape and i love it.

  31. Oskar_333
    Oskar_333 says:

    vaping is definitely the ideal way of ingesting thc/cbd product through your lungs. So much tastier and smoother on the throat. removing the combustion of plant matter significantly reduces the amount of carbon produced. “there’s almost no doubt that they expose you to fewer toxic chemicals than traditional smoking” -Michael Joseph Blaha, M.D., M.P.H John hopkins medicine.

  32. ld2179
    ld2179 says:

    I bought a vape to try it out with some bud and I gotta say… The high you get from vaping is not the same as the high from smoking from a bong.
    The vape seems to not hit me at all and I never feel that high no matter how much I vape. Maybe it’s just me.

  33. robw90
    robw90 says:

    I vape ecigs for nicotine, but haven’t really gotten into the weed vapes. I’ve tried my friends ones a few times and have to say that the experience is much different than how I normally consume weed – bongs and joints. It is much more of a clean headed feeling than smoking. I just wish the high was the same, as I recognize it to be a healthier way to consume weed

  34. uPuck
    uPuck says:

    I used to use a vape for the discretion but since I mostly smoke at home and I prefer a bigger hit. My vape was a concentrate one with switchable coils, maybe I just don’t know how this things work properly but after feeling like I’m wasting product as I vape it, I just go for my rig.

  35. Wavybone
    Wavybone says:

    Used to have a Pax first generation vaporizer and it was perfect. The only problem was that the rightful owner was my brother. He took it back…

    Definitely getting another pax-like vape in the future.

  36. Onicchr
    Onicchr says:

    I use my Yocan Evolve Plus daily. It was super cheap and I need to change the coils sometimes but once you get the hang of it you can get some great rips. Any opinions on if it’s worth upgrading?? ?

  37. St3wb4cc4
    St3wb4cc4 says:

    I use an Evolve plus when I have some shatter but for the most part it doesn’t get much use. I also tried vaping to quit smoking cigarettes years ago but ultimately didn’t help so I stopped. its hard to break away from rollies and I feel I never will. another great read as usual though, loads of information.

  38. Ukmuffins
    Ukmuffins says:

    I wasn’t in to vaping. Seeing the differences, especially flavour, I’ve been thinking of trying it. I think with legalization vaping/concentrates will be the future. I smoke dry herb because it’s the most economical way. Hoping vaping will be the next one.

  39. ggmarq
    ggmarq says:

    While I like the idea of vaping, I’m a little uncertain about the portable part of this technology. We all know batteries lose power over time. So in my opinion, at some point that portable vape won’t reach the desired temperature to heat that sweet sweet cannabis.

    Avoiding combustion is by all means smart. But if you’re in it for the long term I suggest looking for an electric or plug-in vaporizer. Such as the German-made Volcano.

  40. Pepperonipotter
    Pepperonipotter says:

    Been rocking the utilian 721 for a few months now, works great for flower, equally great with shatter. Have to be honest, not the biggest fan of the vaping, but with one as nice as the one I got, and a convenience factor, it is worth carrying around. And, it’s not in my pocket usually but my stash bag never complains ??‍♂️

  41. Beardy
    Beardy says:

    Portable vaporizers have always been a favourite of mine for both herb and concentrate. They are very discreet and most of them give a pretty solid hoot. The only problem is that the quality ones can be quite pricey.

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