Rewards Program

King Tuts Rewards it’s Members

King Tuts rewards its members with a sliding scale of earned KT Coins that increase in value as your total KT Coins at King Tuts accumulate! We believe the more loyalty and support you show us, that same loyalty and support should be shown by us to you ? What better way can we show our support and loyalty to you, than by rewarding you with our own currency called KT Coins that will be deposited in your own personal on-site KT Bank Account after every purchase. Your KT Coins will be ready to be redeemed and used at any time. Let us explain how our reward program works.

As mentioned, every purchase receives KT Coins. Also as mentioned, the more loyalty and support you show us, the more we show you. We show you this by introducing 6 levels of rewards. Your level will be determined by how many KT Coins you have earned up to date with us at King Tuts. Your level will also determine how much your KT Coins are worth.

Every dollar spent, will add 1 KT Coin in your bank account.

(Towards the bottom of this program, you will see even more ways to earn KT Coins without having to even make a purchase!) Now, let’s explain what your KT Coin is worth, how it increases in value and how to earn them without having to make a purchase.

We will all start as a SLAVE, which is level 1. Don’t worry, you won’t be a slave for long 🙂

We will remain a slave until your total up to date KT Coins at King Tuts reaches 500. So, from 0-499 in total KT Coins earned up to date, we are a SLAVE. Remember, for every dollar spent at King Tuts, you will receive 1 KT Coin. If you would like to redeem your KT Coins while you are a SLAVE, your KT Coins will be worth a dollar amount of 3% of your KT Coins you want to redeem.

Let us give you an example:

Let’s say you have made 2 purchases at King Tuts. The first purchase was for $125 and the second was for $260. That’s a total of $385 purchased from King Tuts so far. Remember, no matter what level you are at, you will receive 1 KT Coin for every dollar spent. Since you have spent $385, you will have earned 385 KT Coins. Now, let’s also remember that as a SLAVE, the dollar amount for your KT Coin will be 3% of the amount of KT Coins you would like to redeem. Let’s say that you would like to redeem all of your KT Coins. You have 385 KT Coins, so we will calculate 3% of that to equal the dollar amount. 3% of 385 = $11.55 (385 X 0.03 = 11.55). In this case, you will have $11.55 that can be redeemed and used towards any purchase.

If that does not sound like much to you, let’s now refer back to how much more we reward loyalty and support. These are the King Tuts levels, by KT Coins earned up to date and their dollar amount to the KT Coin, by percentage.

YOU WILL NEVER REVERT BACK ANY LEVELS BY REDEEMING KT COINS. A reminder, your level will depend on your UP TO DATE total of KT Coins earned. I’m sure you can now see what we mean by “King Tuts rewards loyalty and support.”

Another note that you should know. As you level up, so does your existing KT Coins. If you do not redeem any KT Coins and reach SCRIBE status (as an example), every KT Coin in your personal on-site KT Bank Account at King Tuts will have a dollar value of 8%. If you are able to, let your KT Coins add in value in time and purchases made.


Remember how I mentioned that “you won’t be a slave for long”?

We hope we have explained this as best as we can 🙂 If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us an email!